Masnedø Bulk Terminal

Masnedø Bulk Terminal is established at the Port of Vordingborg with modern grain handling facilities.

The new facilities consist of 8 siloes, respectively 4 siloes of 6.000 mts and 4 siloes of 11.000 mts with a combined capacity of 68.000 mts grain/material as well as a new storagehall with a capacity of 25.000 mts grain/material.

Combined with the former facilities Masnedø Bulk Terminal now has a capacity of 150.000 mts grain/material which makes it one of Northern Europe´s largest portsitet bulk terminals for storage and exporting of grain/materials.

Masnedø Bulk Terminal offers a load rate of 1.000 mts/hour and direct loading to vessels with same rate.

The recently completed deepening of Port of Vordingborg enables vessels up to 30-40.000 dwat to call the Port.


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