About us - Your local shipping company

Krinak A/S (Holger Kristiansen´s Success A/S) was originally founded in 1919. Krinak A/S is operating from all ports of Lolland-Falster and the southern part of Zealand. Our main objective is to be the leading local cooperation partner for our customers.

Krinak A/S consist of the following companies through ownership:

- Alfr. Hovmand in Ports of Bandholm and Rødbyhavn
- Marquardt & Tornøe in Ports of Nykøbing Falster, Orehoved and Gedser
- Vordingborg Shipping in Ports of Vordingborg and Klintholm
- Karl Emil Hansen / LH Shipping in Ports of Næstved and Karrebæksminde



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All services rendered are subject to the General Terms of Business 2024 of Danish Shipbrokers and Port Operators, which are available at DSHAB 2024.

The abovementioned terms limit our liability for loss of, deterioration of or damage to the goods to 2 SDR per kg. or 666.67 SDR per package or unit. Our liability for ordinary negligence and claims from authorities are expressly excluded and all provisions on limitation of liability are valid even in case of gross negligence. Our liability is always limited to and cannot exceed SDR 25,000 for any one event that leads to loss or damage. All claims are time barred after 10 months from the due date of the claim. We have a lien for current and previous claims, and interest accrues from the due date at the rate of 2% per month or a part thereof. Set-off against our receivables is excluded. We act as an intermediary when performing services as broker or agent and shall be indemnified against loss or damage that may be incurred in relation to or in connection with the performance of our services. Any dispute shall be resolved before the Maritime and Commercial High Court of Copenhagen in accordance with Danish law.

All services rendered as a Freight Forwarder are subject to the terms of the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). Under these conditions our liability for loss of, deterioration of or damage to the goods is limited to SDR 8,33 per kg and our liability for delay is limited to the amount of the freight, but not exceeding SDR 50.000 per order.


Krinak A/S is certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2015, GMP+B3/ GMP+B4 certified and the Fonasba Quality Standard.


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