Port of Klintholm

Port of Klintholm is situated in the Southern part of Zealand with direct access to the Baltic Sea.

Due to this Port of Klintholm was selected as service port for the Kriegers Flak wind park. The wind park will be serviced from Port of Klintholm for the next 25 years which makes the Port a strategically important site for the area.

For this Kriegers Flak Service Group has been established where Vordingborg Shipping act as One Point Of Contact. Kriegers Flak Service Group is working to secure most possible employment for its member companies. The establishment of the wind park will begin in the spring of 2019 and will have a large impact on the local districts, among these Faxe and Stevns as well as the Ports of Vordingborg and Klintholm.

For further information about the Kriegers Flak Service Group please follow this link: www.kfsg.dk